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Waldorf Playstand

Made to order: Ships in 7 days after an order is placed. If you have been searching for heirloom-quality wooden

Dinosaur Skeleton Insert For Big Ikea Trofast Bin

Children will love digging for dinosaur bones and fossils! Using their imaginations, they will construct dinosaur skeletons and explore the

Wooden Play-Dough Stamps’ Wooden Stamps

Wooden Play-Dough stamps are a fun and affordable way to let your child explore their creativity. These stamps come in

3D Shape Sorter

          The Montessori-inspired 3D Shape Sorter will provide a unique, sensory-driven play experience for your toddler
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We provide free shipping all over World. Isn’t it cherry on top?

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Our toys are made from high quality natural wood and dyed with non-toxic water-based stains to ensure safe play.

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There is no wrong or right way to play with our creations. These toys grow with child. Ultimately they boost creativity and imagination of a child.

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We are totally loving the 4 elements blocks …. What a wonderful way to boost the imagination of kids.
They learn so much while playing and having fun with these open ended toys… What a great investment to make for a parent!

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If your looking for open ended, wooden and mesmerising colours to enhance yours and your child’s creativity, then this is the place to get them from. These toys are crafted with care and love, they are long lasting and affordable.

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My 4 year old thoroughly loves rainbow stackers that we got from Sureka. She comes up with very unique ideas everytime she plays with this beauty that many times i end up pairing with my lo. Personally, i feel its so relaxing and calming for tiny hands.. thanks a lot dear for amazing product.. looking forward to my next india trip