A brief intro about me, I am the mom of 2 enthusiastic children, 13 years old daughter and 4 years old son. I have done a degree in Computer science and I have left my career so that I can spend more quality time with my children. I am homeschooling them and we are enjoying our journey. I hold a special interest in early childhood development and have experience working with children of different age groups. 
I always wished for a couple of toys to buy for my children. But due to their unavailability or huge prices, I was not able to buy them. This is the reason which gave birth to Endow handcrafted toys!! Most of the work is done by me, my daughter and my husband so that we can keep prices affordable for all. While designing I do a deep study of benefits, availability in the market(many toys have cheaper versions available), uses, material required, manpower required, the safety of a child and price. Very much hard work goes behind making toys loaded with love but at the end of the day somewhere a smile on a child’s face makes it all worth!! 💓
Much Much Love !
Surekha Jadhav