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Montessori Moveable Alphabets

What’s new in this? It’s easily available in the market, right? I always wanted to buy this alphabet set for

Personalised Name Plate

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Wooden Calendar with days of the week and season peg figures.

Having a daily ritual known as ‘Calendar Time’ is a popular morning activity in many preschool classrooms. Bringing this routine

Printed alphabet tracing cards

  Printed alphabet tracing cards for alphabet recognition. Each card has a lower case letter on one side and it's coordinating upper case letters on the other side. Engraved birch ply with curved grooves, provides a form to trace with your finger or included tracing stick. Fill the letters with small objects such as dried beans, lentils, small shells, sand or tiny colored pompoms. A child will have fun making words and tracing them. Hence helpful for word learning. Cards are made very chunky to add open-ended fun. So it can use to for learning alphabets (uppercase and lowercase), tracing, learning words, art and build structures like 2-3 storey buildings, tents, and huts or anything limited to a child's imagination! Have fun learning alphabets with free play!!