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3D Shape Sorter

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          The Montessori-inspired 3D Shape Sorter will provide a unique, sensory-driven play experience for your toddler

7 Piece Rainbow Stacker


Rainbow stacker is amazing Waldorf-inspired multi-used toy for toddlers, kids, and even adults! The bold colors of this beautiful hand made wooden rainbow will help to boost a child's imagination, creativity and provide hours of open-ended play.

7 Piece Rainbow Stacker Semicircles

7 pieces Rainbow Stacker Semi-circles Playing possibilities with this extension of Rainbow stacker are endless! Children can use them to

Endow Toys Rainbow bridge, Pretend play, Bridge stacker, Waldorf toy, 9 pieces set

Nine-piece wooden bridge set to build, stack, and create. The bridges can be used with cars, train tracks to drive

Endow Toys, Sun Stacker, Open Ended Play, Handmade Toys, Wooden Toys

  • Introducing the little sunshine stacker in natural, sunset and sunrise shades!
A keepsake piece consisting of Six Pieces curved sun-shaped arches that fit perfectly inside one another create the sunshine stacker and simple nesting puzzle.Handmade with love this piece reflects the natural sunshine and has been designed to blend play and education seamlessly.Suitable for a wide range of ages, this is an open-ended Waldorf toy stimulating children's creativity and firing up their imagination!The little one will learn how to stack and nest objects, learn colors, counting, teach balance skills and creative role-play and construction games such as using the pieces as a bridge, hill, dolls cradle, tunnel and encourage getting familiar with the environment, leading to beautiful stories.measures ~ 26 x 13 x 5 cmmaterial ~ Beechwood, colored using non-toxic water~stain

12 Piece Rainbow Stacker

  Stacker is an amazing Waldorf-inspired multi-used toy for toddlers, kids, and even adults! The bold colors of this beautiful

Stacking Flower

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This 9 pieces stacking flower is perfect not only for free play but also as the centerpiece on a family table!Explore the pieces for stacking, nesting or take them apart to build cradles, bridges, tunnels, houses, see-saws, hills, mountains... Ah... The list is endless!Made from pine wood and colored with non-toxic water-based colors. Measures 20 cms in height, 16 cms in length and 4 cms in width.