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Endow Toys Rainbow bridge, Pretend play, Bridge stacker, Waldorf toy, 9 pieces set

Nine-piece wooden bridge set to build, stack, and create. The bridges can be used with cars, train tracks to drive

Montessori Bell Rattle

Bell rattle is a great toy for young ones starting as early as 2 months. The sound intrigues the baby as they learn how their movements can influence the pleasing sound of the bell. The dowel is small enough for baby to handle it easily. It consist of 2 metal bells, 1 dowel made up of pine wood and 2 metal eye screw.

Montessori Grasping Beads

An amazing toy for babies to enhance grasping reflex and eye-hand coordination. A colorful toy which attracts the baby for enjoyment. It consists of colored wooden beads and plain wooden cylinders strung in wool. When baby outgrows it balls can be removed from wool and offer to string them. Which is an amazing fine motor activity! Colors used are non-toxic water-based colors totally safe for babies.