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Monochrome Blocks

Have you been wondering why so many baby toys and books feature high-contrast black-and-white illustrations? That’s because up until about

Rainbow Building Slats

This gorgeous set of rainbow slats offers endless opportunities for children to design, create, build and learn! Through play, children

Rainbow Heart Blocks

Building structures is more fun using heart blocks. Also ideal as a wonderful decoration.   These fantastic building blocks open

Rainbow Steps, Rainbow Roofs, Rainbow Stairs

Rainbow steps is a great and versatile addition to building blocks. Use them as stairs, angled roofs, castles and fun

Weather Blocks Set

This beautiful Grimm’s inspired Weather Building Set is made up of 13 individual colorful wooden pieces that represent our wonderful

Rainbow Houses

A beautiful set of Rainbow houses and cubes make a great addition to the collection of blocks. These 6 big

12 Pieces Puzzle

Our Paint is Non-toxic and Lead-Free. Nesting & Stacking Rainbow block set in 12 different colors and 3 sizes. Perfect

Plain Wooden Cubes

Information Of 5cms Blocks Wooden cubes for free play and building towers. They can be used for making DIY puzzles.

Tieramid Blocks

A fun open-ended toy with boundless possibilities!! A handcrafted toy for your little ones to enhance creativity and imagination. Make a fish, crab, snowman or anything that comes in a child's mind. Why only children, these blocks will help to boost the creative juices of adults too!! A set of 22 blocks with 40 pattern cards. Red, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange colors are used to paint the blocks. Colors used are non-toxic and safe for children. Size of blocks is 22 * 11 cms approximately.

Wooden Castle Blocks

Perfect open-ended blocks for little architects!! Watch as children stack, roll, or create castles and kingdoms with this creative open-ended set. The children are able to be the architect of their own design. When assembled it covers 2 feet * 2 feet space. Material: Wood