Colored Peg Dolls

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A completely versatile toy for open-ended play!! Each peg doll is handcrafted hence each doll is unique in its own way!! A child can name it as per his/her imagination and wish. It can be a mother, father, teacher, astronaut, fireman, favorite cartoon character, God/Goddess, animal, bird, and the list is endless!! Paint it and draw numbers and mathematical symbols on it to make use of learning mathematics. Draw alphabets and use them for language activity. It can be used for 3D painting for a child which helps in improving fine motor skills. And also as a bowling game!! It can also be used as a cake topper!! So get creative with your child and make boundless creations!! Dimensions: 6 * 2 cms.  Each peg doll is dyed with water-based non-toxic dyes which are totally safe for children.

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